I was taught from my parents a high regard for ethics and pride within ones self. With this early training I have never spent time on regret, nor do I have regrets in this life. I try to make the best decisions with all of the information provided. With this said, how can my life be spent without being of service to those who have challenges?

One of the highly valued aspects that JDW Designs, LLC has provided me is the ability to provide service to others. Not just through financial service but by rolling up our sleeves and actually doing something. I am proud to talk about these accomplishments. I believe they have created true success for JDW Designs, LLC. They all start with being of true service.

For many years we have partnered with St. Jude Children's Hospital and have made financial donations on behalf of creating a better present as well as a better future for those who suffer from juvenile cancer and the research that is needed to find a cure.

JDW Designs, LLC has partnered with one of the best organizations that I have come across, NY Cares. We have been able to teach art classes to young children who come from very challenging and diverse backgrounds that even at one point may have included being homeless or abused.

JDW Designs, LLC has partnered with St. Jude's Hospital and NY Cares for charitable purposes

One of my first trips to the Philippines was to develop a clothing factory base as well as fabrication research. All I could think about was how we were staying in a five star hotel behind gates and what was occurring on the other side of those gates. Every community that I traveled through was filled with poverty the likes I have never seen. To this day it brings great pain to me. I have never seen young people so poor that they had no clothing or so little that their private parts were exposed and worse of all knowing nothing better in their life time. When I opened JDW Designs, LLC, I immediately partnered with the best firm I could find whose sole mission was to be of service to others in need. We have over many years put young children through to the highest level of learning available while teaching their families how to grow crops and how to harvest foods for them selves and their neighbor. We were able to have them receive the necessary vaccinations in order to simply survive.

JDW Designs, LLC charity

We have spent many years being a part of the big brother and big sister programs through mentoring children and in turn helping their families as well. Part of our services was highlighted in specials that have appeared on 20/20 and Dateline news programs.

JDW Designs LLC helps others

I have been able to schedule time to deliver hot and cold meals through Gods Love We Deliver to people in Jersey City, NJ who are home bound and are dealing with terminal illness and terminal stages of disease. I am able to be with them and talk with them and they give me just as much pleasure and warmth as I hope in a very small way I can provide to them through a smile and through conversation.

We have opened up our doors to local school systems that have students that are interested in the arts. Spend a day in the life time of a designer program.

If you have read this far you have begun to tap into my passions. I believe through awareness we bring cure.

Life may deal us challenges and some are grave while others are lighter. But our children need every fair advantage that we can simply provide in order to, at the very least, know that there are options and life is not necessarily as it appears today.

This is my passion and this is my life's work.

Note: Two new challenges have personally touched me; juvenile diabetes and juvenile arthritis. At the moment, please support your local foundations walks and runs. They help promote awareness and raise funds for continued research in finding cures for these immune diseases that effect our youth.