Welcome to JDW Designs, LLC, a company whose mission is to design a life style where true beauty is found deep within you as well as a life style where beauty surrounds you. This is not only a passion of mine but a dream unfolding.

I believe in order for us to truly enjoy that which brings us beauty, we first should acknowledge the beauty within ourselves. We can see beauty but to really embrace beauty we should embrace it deep within ourselves. The company's mantra simply is: As Within So Without. This is an age old belief. I simply want to incorporate this concept into the world of design. After all, the connection one makes with design is truly a spiritual one.

In order to create a world of beauty, we can start one home at a time. In order to create a world of peace, we need to start with one person at a time. The message is clear: beauty is not an object but a life style.

Love and Light,
Jonathan D. Wiesmeth

Jonathan's design achievements for his clients are buttressed in his gift as a medium/psychic. His ability to innately "see" and connect with his clients' overall personas guides his design for them, creating their perfect, nurturing environments. To learn more, visit www.Medium-Psychic-JDW.Solutions